April 15th, 2020

News Webinar

COVID-19 HR Town Hall 4/15

In this webinar, we welcomed Senior Marketing Manager Kate Goudschaal. She explained many key items to consider to ensure the marketing engine is still running during the crisis. This included adapting to the limitations and engaging clients and consumers. These guidelines are key to help hospitals maintain market share during the crisis and return to normal case load as soon as possible after restrictions are lifted. We then discussed some updates to the CARES Act and Families First Coronavirus Response Act as information continues to fluctuate frequently and it can be hard for practice owners to have all of the current information. We covered some examples of employees who would and would not be eligible for FFCRA time off, including those who are choosing to take time off without a medical need to. We answered more questions and ended with guidelines to help veterinary team members deal with the highly emotional clientele they are encountering on a daily basis.

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