March 17th, 2020

HR News

HR & Training Plans During a Pandemic

Plan for keeping employees calm

  • Ensure we are being as transparent as possible in regards to decision making
  • Ensure we are not hyper-focusing on COVID in discussions; break up unproductive conversations

Plan for business as usual during a pandemic

  • Messaging to clients regarding how YOU are ensuring THEY are safe
  • What is your team’s stance on telemedicine?
  • Curbside appointments: are they safe in your location? Can you confine or retrieve patients easily if they get loose?
  • Inventory management
  • Do you have enough stock to accommodate an increase in glove usage? (Be mindful that replenishing that stock could be an issue in the future)
  • Are you comfortable requesting that clients limit themselves to only one client to one patient?

Plan for business slowing during a pandemic

  • Do we have them lean on PTO and PTO sharing?
  • Are you willing/able to cover PTO for employees that do not have enough saved?
  • Ensure you meet with your DVMs to formulate a plan for reduced DVM coverage if business needs dictate
  • Are there any DVMs with a ton of PTO who would volunteer to take time off if necessary?