April 30th, 2020

News Webinar

Managing Your Practice After COVID-19

It looks like things are going to start opening up again soon around the country. Good or bad, it’s happening—and we want to help you be ready for it.

So LIVE…from kitchen tables all over Portland, OR…it’s a special “Managing Your Practice After COVID-19” webinar! This webinar is free and open to anyone who wants assistance in getting back up and running in the new normal. No sales, no strings, just the best of iVET360’s Marketing, Analytics, and Human Resources teams offering you great ideas for how to:

  • Re-engage with your clients who have lapsed on pet care
  • Manage expenses and revenue based on industry data
  • Bring your team back together after this stressful situation
  • Prepare your practice for coming out of pandemic restrictions

It’s not as if anyone has all the answers for how things are supposed to work after a pandemic. But what we do have at iVET360 is smart, experienced people who truly care about helping you help pets.

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